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Our Calendar

Some of the events and classes we offer

Please stay tuned for dates

On-Going Classes

All of our monthly on-going classes are geared towards beginners. 

At Earth's Healings, we aim to guide the novice toward an understanding of all the wonderful things that nature

provides for us and how we can improve our lives by being in touch with our selves. 

These resources are all naturally at our fingertips, all we have to do is reach out and embrace them.

Introduction to Crystals - Learn how crystals come to emit energy and how to choose, set intentions and care for your crystals. Please call or email to register or sign up at shop.

Crystal Gridding - This class is a follow up to our Introduction to Crystals class.  Learn to create basic grids and how to use them to protect and bring about harmony in homes, offices or specific rooms and discover how you can trust your intuition to develop your own style and uses for Crystal Gridding.

Introduction to Smudging- Learn what smudging is, why we do it, when to do it, various types of smudges and proper methods. Please call or email to register or sign up at shop.

Group Meditation - 30 minute group meditation sessions. Dress comfortably, chairs are available for those who prefer. 

 Please call or email to register or sign up at shop.

Yoga - Designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga that focuses on developing proper and safe alignment for foundation poses at a beginners pace.  Space is limited. Pre-registering is required.

To schedule your REIKI SESSION  

or email us at [email protected]